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Month: April 2017

Moving on up!

Got a twitter account? Follow us @euhc4ca . Oh, BTW, here’s the final score from Wednesday’s Senate Health Committee vote: 5-2-2 NO: Senators Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, and Jim Nielsen, R-Tehama DUCK AND COVER: Senators Richard Roth, D-Riverside… Read More

4/24-26 #SB562 Days of Action! CALL & EMAIL

4/24-26 #SB562 Days of Action! 272,000 uninsured children need your help. Please CALL & EMAIL! The Senate Health Committee votes on SB562 on 4/26. We have heard complaints from Sen. Hernandez that his phones are ringing off the… Read More

TFW you complain about profits but got paid $66M

@JerryBrownGov we deserve a meeting

On March 24th, I submitted a formal request to Gov. Brown’s office asking for a meeting to discuss how we can work together and what he needs from us for SB562 (attached is the request). Unfortunately, I have… Read More

Been there, done that? Donate and get the t-shirt!

T-shirts are now available! Show your support! Do this right away so you can receive a t-shirt before the April 26th rally and committee vote.* Here’s how to get them: First option (discount): Step 1: Take a selfie… Read More