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The time is NOW!!

When I interviewed Senator Toni Atkins (she’s the co- sponsor of SB562), she stated” the ACA is a floor, not a ceiling” She wanted the ACA to stay in place & have California improve on that with her bill SB562. NOW REPUBLICANS IGNORE AMERICA: Despite being shown their healthcare plan carries only a 17% approval rate, the Republicans are still going to try and shove their plan down the throats of millions of American families. Approximately 24 million people will lose health coverage. Rates will cost at least 5 times the normal rate for seniors. They DO NOT have a plan for healthcare that is cheaper and better. That’s just another way of trying to convince America that insurance companies are there to help them. Insurance companies are there for one thing – PROFIT. If they can get your money and pay out the least possible, that is exactly what will happen. Unless there is government control in healthcare, America’s middle-class and poor will be shoed, blued, and tattooed. You can bet on it! CALL ANY REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVE and tell them. If you vote for the GOP healthcare bill, I will do everything possible, to make sure you don’t get reelected. It’s also urgent that we tell our local elected officials in California that we, wan’t them to take control over California’s Healthcare with “The Healthy California Act” Sb562. Tell them they must act NOW before the GOP guts our healthcare.