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Action Alert! (TODAY 4/8)

Now that our bill, SB 562 (Lara,Atkins), has been released, we are all working hard to spread the word, bring in new supporters, and build momentum for the bill. We are working together with all our partners in the Healthy California campaign coalition to pass this bill!

Next step – SB 562 must pass a vote coming soon in the State Senate Health Committee. The members of that committee need to hear from constituents ASAP.

Right now the focus is on three key members. Canvassing is planned in two areas – Riverside and West Covina – this Saturday (4/8). Most of us are too far away to join in. Make your voice heard anyway!
Let the Chair of the Senate Health Committee, Sen. Ed Hernandez, know you support SB 562.

Call or write Senator Ed Hernandez:
Phone: (916) 651-4022
Email: senator.hernandez@senate.ca.gov

Even if you are not a constituent of Senator Hernandez , you still have the right to inform him, as chair of the committee, of your position on a bill.
If you or someone you know can join the canvassing, here is the information.

Senator Roth Canvass Meeting Place
Andulka Park
5201 Chicago Ave.
Riverside, CA
10AM to 2PM (April 8th, 2017)

Senator Hernandez and Newman Canvass Meeting Place
101 N. Barranca St.
West Covina, CA
10AM to 2PM (April 8th, 2017)