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Been there, done that? Donate and get the t-shirt!

T-shirts are now available! Show your support! Do this right away so you can receive a t-shirt before the April 26th rally and committee vote.*

Here’s how to get them:

First option (discount):
Step 1: Take a selfie with our logo and send it in to tcarlson@euhc4ca.org. Instructions here:
Step 2: Donate $30 via gofundme**

Second option (no discount)
Step 1: Donate $45 via gofundme**

After you donate, don’t forget to send us an email and include:
Mailing Address (Free shipping within California only)
T-shirt size
Email (the one you used on gofundme and to send the selfie)

Don’t want a t-shirt? Don’t want to donate? You could just send us the selfie with your support message. 🙂

*Due to varying printing and shipping times, we can’t guarantee an arrival date
**Donations must be made through gofundme to receive the t-shirt