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@JerryBrownGov we deserve a meeting

On March 24th, I submitted a formal request to Gov. Brown’s office asking for a meeting to discuss how we can work together and what he needs from us for SB562 (attached is the request). Unfortunately, I have not received an email confirmation nor a phone call. I’ve called in twice now, and each time was given a vague reply that they’ll contact me. It’s been 21 days. A formal request deserves a formal answer.

Gov. Jerry Brown, what are you afraid of? Is this organization’s 62,000 supporters not enough? 40,000,000 Californians’ lives are on the line here. 272,000 Californian children do not have health insurance through no fault of their own. Are you too busy for your citizens’ lives? No more run-around. We deserve a meeting.

Dale Fountain
Enact Universal Healthcare for CA, Inc.