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Moving on up!

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Oh, BTW, here’s the final score from Wednesday’s Senate Health Committee vote: 5-2-2

Senators Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, and Jim Nielsen, R-Tehama

Senators Richard Roth, D-Riverside and Josh Newman, D-Fullerton

YES: Senators Hernandez, Atkins, Mitchell, Leyva, Monning

We support anyone in the legislature who supports #SB562, and we give big props to Senator Hernandez for coming out in favor and saying “Healthcare is a human right!” in the hearing.

And a thank you to Senators Mitchell, Leyva, and Monning for their support. We support you!

Last but not least, SB562 co-sponsor Senator Atkins’ tireless advocacy during the hearing with co-sponsor Senator Lara was phenomenal. THANK YOU.

Onward to the next battle!