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Soft Single Payer Proposal — Jan. 2019

Yesterday, we submitted this proposal for “Soft” Single Payer to the leaders of the Assembly. The proposal addresses many of the intractable concerns with “Hard” Single Payer, such as a state constitutional amendment needed to exempt healthcare from… Read More

Necessary First Step

“[The California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act] is a necessary first step before the Legislature can pass a state-run, single-payer health insurance program.” -CALmatters 1/4/18 Fellow Californians, If you want any kind of healthcare expansion, including single payer, and… Read More

Attorney General’s Title & Summary for California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act

The Attorney General’s office sent us a present yesterday. This is the circulating title and summary for our constitutional initiative, the California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act. We honestly can’t figure out why single-payer organizations would oppose this, unless… Read More

FAQ: California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act

Fellow Californians, if you are serious about having any kind of healthcare improvements or expansion, then the California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act is a must-pass ballot initiative. Read on for an FAQ and steps to help. If you… Read More