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The California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act is here

It’s time to get serious. It’s time to clear the roadblocks between us and healthcare funding. No healthcare funding will succeed without an exemption from the state spending cap (Gann Limit). If you’re serious about healthcare, please help… Read More

Help Us Remove Roadblocks via Ballot Initiative

Fellow Californians, help us put an initiative on the 2018 ballot. It will do three things: Create a healthcare trust fund, exempt the trust from the Gann Limit and Prop 98, and prevent the healthcare trust from being… Read More

Open Letter to All Newspapers and Media Editors

According to the latest Tulchin poll, 58% of Californians back S.B. 562 even after hearing all the arguments against, and for good reason. If enacted, businesses will save up to 22%. Individuals will save up to 9.1%. You… Read More

SB 562 Fiscal Study Is Here!

Here’s the #UMassAmherst financing study of #SB562 that was just released. We all save and get guaranteed healthcare (with dental, vision and mental health)! Here’s some highlights: *Business save up to 22% *PLUS new polling released today shows… Read More

5/15-22 #SB562 Days Of Action! Call & Email!

5/15-22 #SB562 Days of Action! 272,000 uninsured children need your help. Please CALL & EMAIL! The Senate Appropriations Committee votes on SB562 on 5/22. Call every committee member. Call every single number. Call every day. Show them you… Read More