How we can Heal California. We can do it!!! SB562

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We MUST pass The Healthy California Act SB562 a Medicare for all, single payer, healthcare system. Its explained very well by our partner “Heal” California Healthcare Equality at Last. Please SHARE the video and tell every Californian you know to follow our page and stay informed. Thanks for all your support.

Terri Talks Healthcare SB562 We CAN do it!!

Terri Talks Healthcare - Trumpcare vs LGBT Community

Trump's American Health Care Act (AHCA) clearly demonstrates a callous disregard for our welfare! Every American will be hurt if it passes, some much more than others. Read more:

Posted by HEAL California on Thursday, March 16, 2017
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This is just one of 1000 examples of why California must take the lead with our own, single payer healthcare system. “The Healthy California Act SB562”. Enact works with the following Coalitions: California OneCare, HEAL California, AllCare Alliance, Campaign for a Healthy California, Labor United for Universal Healthcare. Together WE are a powerful force & can lead the change in …