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EUHC4CA/Google Survey: 59% Of Californians Want To Be Taxed For Single Payer

For Immediate Release – SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA When Enact Universal Healthcare For California asked Californians if they would pay the State of California instead of health insurance companies in exchange for receiving single payer healthcare, 59% said “Yes.”  Our… Read More

EUHC4CA Candidate Scores for November 6, 2018, General Election

Note on scoring: Scores are based on single payer universal healthcare only. At times it’s a subjective call when we have to divine a candidate’s position from few actions and few words. Points are not given out lightly…. Read More

Paul Waldman: We’re asking the wrong question about Medicare for all

Midterm Election Poll: California’s 45th District, Walters vs. Porter

Have a Medical GoFundMe? Put It Here!

33% of all GoFundMe campaigns are for medical bills and related expenses. Over 90% of those campaigns fail to reach their goals. In a recent poll of EUHC4CA supporters, 56% said they know someone in California with a… Read More